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We are constantly innovating to achieve a more sustainable production chain


Our vision is that of having a positive impact that helps to regenerate the land we work on every day.

What is carbon offsetting/CO₂ compensation?

How does it work?

Why does it matter?

How is our carbon neutrality strategy implemented?

What is the scope of the Wasa project? Does it include only production?

How many tonnes is Wasa offsetting?

Approximately how many travels around the Earth by car does it represent?

What is the equivalent of one carbon credit?

Why is Wasa carbon neutral?

Is offsetting a way to buy yourself the right to pollute? How do we prove that we're not “greenwashing”?

Why has Wasa chosen offsetting projects outside Europe?

What are the guarantees taken by WASA on the chosen offsetting projects?

Why has Wasa chosen offsetting projects outside Europe?

How is a carbon credit generated? How is it validated?

What is PAS 2060?